Pause to Ponder

Good Heart Tones

April is National Poetry Month

Heading out to see my cardiologist this morning brings to mind a poem in Called to Be Alive!

Good Heart Tones
With stethoscope pressed gently on my chest,
I have been told I have good heart tones,
even though conduction is flawed,
and I flutter with atrial fibrillation.

Thankfully, lifestyle changes under the care of physician can do wonders for my health,
if willing to answer the call. Such is my human condition with good heart tones at my core, I still suffer from flawed conduction often out of rhythm with divine, too quick, to react to my shortcomings, and not quick enough to respond to the larger flow of life.

So the Great Physician calls,
not with loud hollers of threat and condemnation,
but with a still, quiet voice, gently calling me by name, assuring me that I am loved,
guiding me daily to live in rhythm
with the heart of Life, sending me out again today with good news that does wonders
for anyone willing to listen.

Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month
I am reading Wendell Berry’s little book of poems
called The Peace of Wild Things.

Poetry, like no other form of art, has a way of compelling me to pause, reflect, and appreciate the intricacies of life sprouting all through my years.

Koa Bear

“Koa Bear” and I instantly bonded when he arrived late yesterday afternoon.

The koa wood baritone ukulele will be helping me lead worship this Sunday. Our church group Strong in Song is also gearing up for a concert at a local Memory Care Facility. Koa Bear will have a big part in the set of songs we’re planning to share with the residents.

A big thanks to the amazing crew at Mele Ukulele on Maui for their beautiful instruments helping musicians stir hearts and create community all around the world.


Building Bridges

Later-Life Fitness Journey # 4

Later-life offers this choice:
Use retirement to build a bridge
or to rear a wall.

Gifted with days filled with life-giving opportunities,
I choose to be steady and strong building bridges
connecting family and others, helping people belong